Hen Weekends

Hen weekend is the last celebration that a single lady has before she gets married. This is a time to hang with the girls and enjoy their time. These are some ideas for a hen weekend that will keep the ladies busy.

Movie Night

If the girls love a good show there are some options when it comes to movie night. One of the ladies can decorate the home and then pick up something good such as a romantic comedy. There are some smaller theaters that can be rented out for a private viewing. This will allow the hens to talk as much as they want and enjoy the celebration.

Cooking Classes

Cooking can be a lot of fun. There are some great dishes that the hens can learn how to make. They can have private lessons. They can follow cooking instruction from online or they can rent out a course. This will allow the hens to learn how to make some new dishes and have some fun while they are doing so.

Murder Mystery Dinner

These events are a lot of fun and no one really gets hurts. The hens will attend the dinner and the production crew will put on a play. The hens will need to work together to solve clues and find out who is guilty. They often have a good dinner that goes along with this and will need to use their skills to figure out who is guilty. This event will need to be booked ahead of time. It can be an evening or some of the companies will make a long weekend out of it.

These are some great ideas for a hen weekend. It does not matter what the ladies do so much as they will be together and will be having fun.